Brincka Cross Gardens

Brincka_Photo.jpgLocated at 427 Furness Road in Pine Township, Brincka Cross Gardens has been called an oasis of natural beauty.

The Brincka Cross Gardens property was developed by an artist, and it is clear that this was his masterpiece. Bill Brincka was a professor at the Art Institute of Chicago, and his creativity can be seen throughout the gardens. Bill and his companion, Basil Cross, spent more than 40 years developing and nurturing four acres of landscaped gardens, which are surrounded by another 21 acres of pristine woodlands.


Bill and Basil lived in the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home on the property until Bill's death, in 2001. After Basil passed away in 2006, Porter County Parks and Recreation purchased the property to create a public park. The staff, lead by horticulturalist Matt Brown, have since reclaimed many of the original gardens, clearing overgrowth and invasive plants to reveal the beauty of the landscape that was cultivated with such care by the original owners.

The gardens boast 400 different types of hostas, 450 varieties of daffodils, 25 kinds of crab apple trees, 40 cultivars of ornamental grasses and 25 varieties of forsythias. And that's just for starters. You have to come out to the gardens and experience them for yourself to truly understand how special this property truly is.