About Us

IMG_20141114_132258_756.jpgDuneland Group Inc. is a leading engineering and surveying services provider in the Midwest. With specialties in green development, drainage engineering, land development, and community planning, Duneland Group can assist with all of your project design, surveying and engineering needs. We bring quality, attention to detail, customer service and a focus on maintaining the bottom line to every project we undertake.

The strength of Duneland Group comes from our roster of engineering and surveying professionals whose combined education, experience and insight allows us to develop innovative and effective solutions, no matter how great the challenge.

As seasoned designers, we understand that sometimes the greatest challenge of a project can have little to do with the engineering and everything to do with navigating the local politics and bureaucracy. Duneland Group takes pride in our relationships with local, state and federal municipalities and our ability to work with the many people necessary for a successful and timely project.

Founded in 1985 in the dunes of Lake Michigan, Duneland Group began as an engineering firm to Northwest Indiana’s steel industry, primarily offering machine, electrical and structural design services to the steel mills. Over time, Duneland Group diversified to municipalities, treatment facilities and eventually major land development efforts.

Today, we are utilizing our unique skills and history to carve out a new path: one that is dedicated to developments that work both economically and environmentally. This dedication to creating sustainable, green communities of the future is Duneland Group’s vision.